Hugh Jackman Gives a Young Wolverine Fan Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis the Surprise of His Life

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Every child must have dreamed of meeting their favorite superheroes one day. Luckily, for Cystic Fibrosis patient Domenic, his dream was turned into a reality.

While in the studio of the radio program Kyle & Jackie O Show, the bubbly nine-year-old boy, who is subjected to taking as many as 40 capsules each day to fight his incurable illness, was asked if he would love to chat with his favorite celebrity, Hugh Jackman. In response, he squealed, “That would be awesome!” 

The Australian actor told Domenic, “I’ve met a lot of fans over the years – you’re one of my favorites”

Hiding: The adorable nine-year-old was asked if he'd like to chat with his idol on the phone, but had no idea the 46-year-old actor was waiting outside the studio

While the nine-year-old boy was asked whether he would love to chat with his idol via phone, he had no idea that the Wolverine star was just waiting outside the studio



After getting the affirmation from the boy, the hosts Jackie O’Henderson and Kyle Sandilands proceeded to call Jackman. They also told the boy that his hero was on set.

Jackie then told the actor on the phone, “Hey Hugh, we’ve got Domenic here who is one of your biggest fans. He’s a young boy who thinks Wolverine is just awesome and that you’re great”.

The young boy was then given the chance to speak.

'Hi Hugh Jackman,' Domeniccou

Domenic then asked Jackman what his favorite Wolverine pose was from the movie. The actor then vaguely replied, “Hang on one sec, I’m going to find a really cool way to show you…”

As Domenic spoke to his favorite hero, he couldn’t just hide the big grin on his face

The Wolverine star showed up in the studio with his closed fists and bare teeth to give Domenic his most favorite look



With a big smile on his face, the boy said, “Hi Hugh Jackman!”

The actor replied, “You can call me, Hugh. You don’t have to call me by my full name”.

Making an entrance: Hugh burst into the studio from the hallway to surprise his adoring fan, who thought was on set filming

Hugh Jackman makes a memorable entrance as he burst into the studio from the hallway to surprise his fan, who believed he was filming on set

The father-of-two uplifted the spirit of the young boy, who receives 40 capsules each day to fight his illness, by giving him a warm hug.



Pretending he didn’t know about the deed done by Make a Wish foundation, show host Kyle Sandilands exclaimed, “Oh my God, he’s here!”

After a tear-jerking moment in the studio, Jackman told the young boy, “You are awesome. It’s so great to meet you. I’ve met a lot of fans over the years – you’re one of my favorites”.



Watch the heartwarming stunt pulled off by Make a Wish Foundation below:



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