Identical Twins Separated at Birth Reunite After 25 Years Because of Youtube


For Anais Border and Samantha Futerman, their twenty-five years of existence seemed to be just completely fine. Until one day, something that would change their lives forever happened.

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According to CNN reports, the twins were separated right after they were born. Anais was adopted by French parents while Samantha was taken in by an American family. Anais became a fashion designer, and Samantha grew up to be an American actress and starred in the 2013 movie 21 and Over.

For twenty-five years, neither of them know the other exists, but when they finally met, they realized they share so many things common, like having the same hairstyle as kids, hating boiled carrot, and adoring the same nail polish color.

Anais realized she might have a twin when her acquaintance shared the trailer of the movie on YouTube. She saw herself in the video but knew for certain that it wasn’t her since she has never been filmed in that surrounding.

She decided to find out for herself about who her double was. She did a background check on her on Facebook and found out that her name was Samantha Futerman, a young actress from America.

She hesitated on reaching out to her, but after a month, she mustered the courage to send Samantha a message on Facebook.

It turned out that both of them were born in Seoul on November 19, 1987. They never knew who their mother was because right after they were delivered, their mother gave them up. Both grew up in different continents. Then came the ultimate proof that they were really blood-related: their DNAs matched!

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