Kid Proves No One Is Too Little to Do Big Things by Donating Care Packages to the Homeless


They say no one is ever too old or young to extend a hand to those in need. True enough, because in Texas, a nine-year-old boy is already making a difference by helping the homeless in his own little way.

Fourth-grader DJ Flores‘s urge to help the homeless started when while completing a research, he discovered something quite alarming. DJ found out that in the United States, more and more women are left on the streets, without a roof to sleep under and food to eat. To make matters worse, 60 percent of these homeless were victims of abuse and domestic violence.

When DJ stumbled upon the disheartening statistics, he decided to do something.

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In a small project he calls Love in Packs, DJ, with the help of his mom, collects basic necessities, including socks and blankets, and puts them on a purses and handbags. He then distributes them to homeless women he sees on the streets.

DJ proves that not all kids just think about toys or video games. There are those like him who, as young as nine, already has a mind and heart for those who are not strong enough to stand on their own.

In an interview with CBS Dallas-Fort Worth’s Ken Molestina, DJ says, “It makes me feel happy about myself and how I am helping others. My message is that you are not too little that you can’t do big things.”

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