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Little Boy’s Dying Wish Saved His Mom’s Life



In China, a young boy named Chen Xiatian, a seven-year-old patient who suffered brain cancer, made it his dying wish to donate his kidney to his mother. He told his seriously ill mother to let him die, so that she can get his kidney and save her own life.

Chen Xiatian

At the age of five, the young boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and doctors said he would never reach childhood. At the same time, his mother Zhou Lu, was also diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. For two years, they battled the illnesses.

Even though there were early signs that the boy would recover, the disease was so aggressive and returned. Over time, the mother and son became incredibly weak. Chen became blind and was bed-ridden, almost paralyzed. While Zhou needed dialysis treatment, Chen required 24-hour care.

Zhou Lu

At first, the doctors approached the boy’s grandmother, Lu Yuanxiu, about the idea of donating the kidney.  In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said:

“The doctors approached me rather than his mother because of the sensitive nature of the issue. They told me that my grandson would not survive, but his kidneys could help his mother and also save two other lives as well. I discussed it with Zhou and she refused point-blank, she absolutely didn’t want to hear any talk of that happening.”

Chen overheard the conversation and decided that his mother should have his kidney. He told his mother, “I want to save your life”. In the long run, Zhou agreed with his son and said that at least, a part of him would always be with her.

Chen Xiatian

In April 2014, Chen died, but his unconditional love saved his mother. It was only during his death that the doctors confirmed that the tissue match was perfect. He was immediately moved to the operating room where both his kidneys and liver were removed. Those were donated to his mother and two other people.

A spokesperson from the hospital said something about the transplant. He said, “The medical team held a brief moment of prayer and silence for the poor child before the transplant. I think it’s fair to say there were very few dry eyes”.

Chen Xiatian


Watch the videos below to witness this boy’s unconditional love:

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