Little Girl’s Tap Recital Goes Wrong …See How She Wins the Audience!

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Everybody knows that girls just want to have fun. But it seems that some girls want to have more fun than the others. Just like the adorable little Jordyn, who made sure she gets the attention of the audience during her tap recital.

In the footage below, Dance Factory’s preschool tap class performed their own version of Stephen Sondheim‘s Broadway Baby”. From the moment the lights were turned on, it was already obvious which child shone the brightest.

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Donned in her lovely tutu tap dance costume, the little girl is named Jordyn. She immediately captured everybody’s attention with her signature tap dance moves and priceless facial expressions.


Hours were spent to perfect the simple dance routine, but Jordyn definitely knew how to steal the spotlight. Although she showcased her own dance moves, she still looked charming and endearing.


While the rest of the performers prepared to face forward, little Jordyn decided to spin.


Because of her cute stunt, parents watching the girls’ performance could be heard laughing.


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