Medical Marijuana Helps a Six-Year-old Girl Walk for the First Time!

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This is the amazing story of Bella Chinonis, a tale about how an unlikely medication helped her. This is her story and how she was able to surpass and triumph over her illness.

Thanks to the medical marijuana, Bella Chinonis, aged six, is regaining happiness, despite being chronically ill. This little girl can now walk for the first time in her life, ever since the weed started working on her like magic.

The 1p36 deletion syndrome is a rare case of disorder that leads to many serious health issues like speech problem, delayed growth, mental disability, malformations, distinct facial features, hypotonia, etc. Unfortunately, Bella from Michigan has this disorder. To make matters worse, she’s also suffering from kidney failure and has several holes in her heart. But due to the positive effects of marijuana, she has began to walk, a task that was impossible for her to do before.

Bella’s mom expresses,

She can stand now. She responds to voices, and she loves the movie Frozen. She didn’t do that before, and the only thing different we are doing is giving her medical marijuana.”

Marijuana oil turned out to be an advantage for Bella’s rare case.

Due to the visible improvement in her health, every day, she takes it at least three times.

Although doctors took time to prescribe this treatment to her, prescription of medical marijuana came as a life-changing treatment for Bella.

Marijuana, after all, is not that baneful. In fact, it’s not just Bella. There are around 150 children who are being approved to use marijuana as a pharmaceutical drug in Michigan.

Everybody thinks that marijuana is a bad thing, but it’s actually not. If used properly, it can prove to be quite beneficial. Bella is living proof that marijuana has indeed medicinal value and can alleviate, if not cure, an illness.

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