Mom Stops Son’s Bullying using a Powerful Facebook Post


A mother from Connecticut has written an anti-bullying note, hoping to inspire kindness and respect in others.

The mom shared that her son Michael had told his teacher that he is “getting used to” the bullying he receives, which made her very angry. She feels that it should never be acceptable to bully anyone.

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Mother-of-three MaryAnn Parisi was compelled to share her son Michael’s story after his sixth-grade teacher told her he was being picked on by his classmates during an assembly. Sadly it was not a new experience for her son. He has been bullied before.


The bullying was an ongoing problem for Michael. When Parisi was notified, she was very angry. There were two students who stood up for him. Her son did not fight back. He doesn’t want to cause trouble, so he just takes the bullying silently.

Parisi ended up venting her anger on a Facebook post. Michael was born premature at 26 weeks. His premature birth led to some developmental issues, and she believes he is bullied because of these challenges.


Michael didn’t learn to talk until he was three, and his walking was very delayed. He didn’t have teeth until after his first birthday. Despite his delays in development, he was always a happy child. He is very good-natured, and he doesn’t hold grudges against those that bully him.


Parisi posted, “. . . You don’t have to like him, but you do have to respect him. . . Share, teach, grow. Most importantly respect those around, you never know what they have been through.”

After sharing her post, Parisi received many comments from family and friends who had kind words to say about Michael.


Talking about her son, Parisi says, “He’s tough, and it warms my heart that he is so resilient. Clearly in the post, you can see he has not had an easy life and it comes into who he is—the silly, the goofy, the confidence . . . he knows he’s different from other kids, but he accepts it. I’m proud of him.”

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