Must See How 3-Year-Old Wows Ellen DeGeneres With Memory Ability


Three-year-old Brielle who hails from Salinas, California, may look like any other toddler her age, but this adorable little girl has an extraordinary talent.

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She visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show to wow the audience with her ability to memorize the periodic table, something most of us aren’t introduced till we reach high school. Ellen DeGeneres had to test Brielle out herself by flashing cards and making her name the elements, which she did so easily.

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When Ellen asked Brielle, who came dressed in pink ribbons and a purple dress, how she can memorize all this information she had the best response.

“My little brain just remembers,” she said.


Brielle didn’t just name the elements, she also provided explanations on their functions. She states how potassium is found in bananas and how it can help strengthen our muscles and how iodine is used for killing bacteria. Additionally, this cute-as-a-button little girl can memorize US states and presidents.



Watch these videos below.


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