Quadruplets Have Numbers Shaved Onto Their Heads so Teacher Can Differentiate Them

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The mother of these Chinese quadruplets had come up with genius way to tell them apart—she shaved their heads to a series of numbers.

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Jiang Yunlong, Jiang Yunxiao, Jiang Yunhan, and Jiang Yunlin are six-year-old boys from Guangdong, a Chinese province. After the kids’ teachers had voiced out how difficult it was to tell them apart because of their similar features, their mom, Tan Chaoyun, came up with a plan.

“My sons are identical, even to me,” said Tan. “I could only tell the difference between them by having different ankle tags on them before they turned 18 months old.”

The haircuts proved to be a success, as the boys can now enjoy their days in school without having to be mistaken for another. The family, although not well off, have worked hard so their children can receive full education.

The not-so-subtle distinction has given the identical quadruplets a new head start for school.

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