School Forbids Girl from Entering School After She Shaved Her Head for Cancer-Stricken Friend


A public outcry was heard when Kamryn Renfro was barred from attending school after she shaved her hair to support her friend battling cancer. Kamryn was said to be suspended because she had violated the dress code.

But Kamryn had told Today that shaving her head “felt like the right thing to do.”

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It started when her friend Delaney Clements lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy needed to help treat neuroblastoma. The girls have always had a special bond, so when Kamryn saw that her friend was being bullied because of her looks, she wanted to let Delaney know she wasn’t alone.



“People would call me a boy sometimes. They would give me dirty looks and stare at me all the time,” Delaney shared. “I was so happy that I would have somebody there for me, and she was there for me the whole step of the way and everything.”

But the school where Kamryn goes to, Caprock Academy, was not too thrilled after hearing the news.

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