School Forbids Girl from Entering School After She Shaved Her Head for Cancer-Stricken Friend


Kamryn’s mother, Jamie Renfro,  made a call to the school, informing them that her child had shaved her hair in support of her best friend. The school was quick to say that she wouldn’t be allowed back in unless her hair grew back or if she would sport a wig because she violated the school dress code. True enough, Jamie was shocked and she had shared her reaction with Wendy Campbell, Delaney’s mom.

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Jamie took to social media to inform the world what Caprock Academy has decided on. The school dress code is implemented to “promote uniformity and a nondistracting environment,” as discussed by Catherine Norton, chairwoman of the school board. However, for this situation, they made a special adjustment.


Voters in favor of letting Kamryn back in outnumbered those who voted against it. But the most grateful person here was Delaney. “I just want to say thank you for being a really good friend and actually being brave enough to do it, and not only caring about your hair,” she said to her friend.


“So many people don’t realize what these kids go through when they’re in the hospital, pretty much bedridden, and nobody’s there with them except for their moms or dads, very little contact with a bunch of other people,” Wendy Campbell said. “So when you actually have a friend who takes an amazing step in life and shaves off all their hair—Delaney has been just so excited.”

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