See Inside Why These Are the 16 Greatest Playgrounds For Kids


Playground is an essential part of everyone’s childhood. It is where we get to play and first learned to socialize with other kids. Climbing on monkey bars and sitting on seesaws were our first forms of exercise. In simpler terms, a playground is every child’s paradise.

But experts say playing isn’t all about fun. Scientific studies found that playing is vital for a child so he can have a healthy body and brain. There’s also a pair of Norwegian psychologists who, based on their study from 2011, deduced that it is important to let a child take and try to overcome the risks that come with playing outside because it helps in their development. A child who plays outside and does a variety of games is less prone to getting obese and has improved motor skills. If you prevent your child from going out, anxiety is what he’ll get, not happiness nor childhood memories to keep.

But because we live in a generation where safety is the number one priority, more playgrounds have bartered fun to protect themselves from lawsuits and complaints. But still, there are those that won’t let the real purpose of building a playground die in vain, playgrounds where your kids can have total freedom and extreme fun! You can find some of them on the list below.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Your kids will definitely go berserk with this one. It has a towering height of 65 feet, with four stories equipped with a 45-foot-tall climbing net, slides, a trampoline, and rope swings. The playground is built by Swarovski AG, an Austrian company that produces luxury cut lead glass.

Imagination Playground

Designed by renowned architect David Rockwell, kids are capable of creating their very own kind of fun in this playground in New York City. The whole point of this park is to have children play with a set of blocks, sand, and water. The kids’ imagination is put to a test as they are left to create new things by maneuvering, connecting, and stacking the weirdly shaped blue blocks.

Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

Here’s an interesting theme for a playground: math. This playground, situated in Washington, DC, was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a numeric series wherein the following number is the sum of the two numbers preceding it. The arcs of the playground course and contraptions are fashioned in Fibonacci spirals.

The Land

The concept behind this playground is to give kids a chance to cooperate with each other and take risks together. In this playground, they are left alone because of the fact that when they see that there are adults watching them, they limit their actions, and they become unable to fully explore, learn, and have fun.

Here, they can light fires, climb trees, build dens, and play with hammers without any kind of adult supervision. The playground was inspired by Danish architect Carl Theodor Sorensen and his idea of junk playgrounds that he first introduced in the 1930s.




Found in The Netherlands, Wallholla is the skyscraper of all playgrounds because of its huge size. It was designed to accommodate all the kids at a school in Purmerend. About 30 kids can climb in, out, and around the establishment simultaneously. Wallholla is currently being sold in the United States.

Children’s Railway Station 

This playground, which can be found at the Danish Railway Museum, is inspired by a local railway station in the town of Odense built around the 1960s. The train-themed indoor playground was created by Monstrum, a group of Danish playground designers. The train features an explorable engine compartment, a train with passenger carriages, a ticket office, a control tower, and a whole lot more.

Bounce Below

You’ll be able to find bouncy nets and giant trampolines attached by slides and walkways in this old Victorian slate mine transformed into an underground playground. Zip World, located in northern Wales, is like a whole web of zip lines that are of different levels, with the highest chamber at 180 feet above the ground.

The Green Heart at Shaw Park

The Green Heart is an outdoor gym that doubles as a playground for adults. It can be found in Kingston upon Hull, England. Powered by energy generated by using the equipments in the gym, the jungle gym for adults is basically powered by humans. It features cross trainers, step boxes, stationary bikes, and more.



City Museum

It might be called St. Louis’ City Museum, but don’t let its name fool you, it’s not the kind of place you expect it to be. It is basically a huge playground equipped with a rope swing, multiple airplanes, a 30-foot-tall Ferris wheel located on its roof, a 10-story spiral slide, a giant tree house, and a lot more.

Anthill Playground

You’ll find this amazing forest playground at Klehund Dryrehave, another good place to have fun created by Monstrum, the same group behind Children’s Railway Station. The playground has a 65-foot-tall watchtower you can relax in. It also has a “lumberjack hut” and an anthill-like structure you can climb. But the center of attraction is the 8-foot-tall slide that is shaped like a giant ant.

Takino Suzuran National Park Playground

Made by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, this playground opened in 2000 at Takino Suzuran National Park in Hokkaido, Japan. The crocheted rainbow net was finished in three years’ time. It was during the mid 1990s that MacAdam started transforming her knitted artwork into amazing playgrounds.

New York Hall of Science 

The Science Playground in Corona, New York, named The New York Hall of Science is an amazing 60,000-square-foot outdoor playground designed to help children get acquainted with simple machines, balance, and motion. In this playground, they get to ride a giant seesaw or scale a huge spider web while learning the science behind it.



Woodland Discovery Playground

Because they wanted to build a futuristic playground, the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy in Memphis created a park inside the woods where kids need to “look for opportunities to slide, climb, run, scramble, swing, build, find, and discover.” The playground features climbing nets, sand, slides, tree houses, and more, which can be found in separate sections the designers call play nests.

Nagasaki School

Designed by architects at the Hibino Sekkei, a multistory urban school in Nagasaki, Japan, has found an amazing way to make kids enjoy their recess. A roof playground, or simply a playground on the roof deck, is giving students a special place to have fun. It features a playroom downstairs and climbing net.

Lake Macquarie Variety Playground

This isn’t your ordinary playground. This Australian playground was made with the consideration of wheelchair-bound kids and kids with visual impairment. Its features include a musical play equipment, a zip line, wheelchair-accommodating swings, a play boat, a 30-foot spiral slide, and a 40-foot climbing tower.

Neptune Park

You might say that this one is a unique and odd playground.

In 2012, a 30-foot-tall climbing pyramid opened in Saratoga Springs. It looks unstable and dangerous, but the pyramid is quite sturdy. Its structure is made of metal, and kids won’t fall for more than 6 feet because there is a rope netting inside to protect them.

These playgrounds are the best place for kids to lose themselves and have a ridiculous amount of fun. You might want to consider taking your child to one of these someday. It’ll be worth it.


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