You’d Think They Are Toddlers …But These Sisters Are Actually Way Older Than They Look


Claire and Lola Hartley were sisters born with a rare mix of dwarfism and microcephaly. They have continued to gain attention from both medical professionals and onlookers everywhere. A lot of people cannot even guess their ages because of their small size. The girls’ aggregate weight is only about 35 pounds. Dwarfism is the main cause for their body size, while microcephaly ceases their brain development, causing their heads to have a circumference that is way below the standard for the age group they belong.

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But the sisters have defied the odds despite their condition. Older sister Claire was the first one to be diagnosed with the disease, and the doctors were quick to note that she would not surpass a year. But now that infant has turned into a teenage girl and continues to prove those doctors wrong. When Lola was given the same diagnosis, she came out to be as strong as her sister.

But that didn’t take them out of the woods. Their condition will prove that life will be challenging. They suffer health complications and have physical and mental limitations. They are unable to speak and are immobile. Even their vision is limited.

Their mother, Gwen, recalls the time she found out about Lola’s diagnosis. “I remember how scared we were because doctors weren’t sure if she would survive the birth process. How so much was simply unknown. How it felt like uncharted territory for all of us.”

After Claire was born, Gwen was told that there’s only 25 percent chance that her next child would have the same condition. She even got a normal scan when she was 19 weeks pregnant, but her hopes were shattered when Lola was delivered. Gwen and her husband were given the option to terminate the child, but they opted not to.

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