There Are No Two Alike …See How They Make These Unique Teddy Bears


You sleep with him at night. You hug him whenever you feel like crying. When you’re alone, your Teddy Bear is your best friend. But do you know where your fluffy company came from?

In 1981, Vermont Teddy Bear was established in Shelburne. For decades, they have hand-made over 150,000 bears for its annual gift delivery service alone. What’s more amazing about this is that no two bears are exactly alike.

Designed after the classic style of the original Teddy Roosevelt bear, the stuffed toys are machine-washable and flame-resistant. They are also hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for people with allergies.

Every day of the week, visitors can go on a tour too see how the teddy bears are manufactured. They can witness how workers stuff and weigh the lovely toys to be sure they have the same amount of stuffing. They can also appreciate how they trim the fur, comb it, and dress it up to make it available for shipping.

To see how the factory looks like, check out the photos we have compiled for you below.

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Explore the Vermont Teddy Bear factory through this video

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