This 5-Year-Old Speaks 5 Languages and Solves Algebra Problems Like a Boss


This five-year-old from Los Angeles is said to have psychic abilities.

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Nyx Sanguino says that her autistic son is a genius and also telepathic. Ramses Sanguino learned to read when he was 12 months old. Now he can understand and speak Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese. He’s able to solve algebra problems and draw the entire periodic table.

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Diane Powell, a neuroscientist, is studying children around the world and telepathy. She became interested in Ramses when she saw a video of him demonstrating his talent.

Powell says she wants to “see if it [telepathy] can be evaluated and actually tested under rigorous, controlled conditions.”


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In a YouTube video posted by Nyx, Ramses is able to correctly guess the numbers she writes secretly.

Powell says that Ramses is “one of the top five savants in the world,” and she is also confident that telepathy exists.

Nyx hopes that her son’s talents will change the world someday. Powell and Sanguino hope that Ramses will find a sponsor so he can attend a special school for gifted autistic children.

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“He is so smart that sometimes he scares me,” Nyx Sanguino says of her son. “I really want him to have the best education in the world and be happy.”

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