Wants to be Cruella de Vil for Halloween …Read Dad’s Response to Critics!


“I won’t let someone’s insecurity dictate how he should or shouldn’t dress,” said Will Hutt.

Will is a resident of Fort Myers, Florida. He lives with his 9-year-old twins and one older daughter.

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According to Will, one of the twins, Liam, loves Halloween. In fact, he gets naturally creative when this day comes.


In the past few years, he has dressed as Cleopatra, Medusa, and the Black Swan. But this time, the 9-year-old boy decided to imitate Cruella de Vil. So as his father helped him with costume and makeup. The result is totally mind-blowing. Without a doubt, Liam nailed the look.

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Because Will was so proud of his son’s work, he decided to post his transformation photos on Facebook.


While friends and relatives expressed their appreciation for the boy, others gave negative comments.


One commented about Liam’s Halloween costume, saying, “I must say completely inappropriate, and I can’t believe a parent would ever do that to their child! Sorry if I offend you or your friends, but I think it’s wrong!”


Will replied to the commenter and said, “We deal with this type of small-minded person on a daily basis. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will always support and encourage my kids creativity, happily, and without apology.”


Will shared his family’s story to The Gaily Grind, with how they deal with stereotyping issues when it comes to costumes. He stated,

It’s very typical for people to assume that because he has two dads, that we somehow guided him in this direction. That is simply not the case. We have had to discuss the fact that he may be met with adverse reactions when wearing this type of outfit to school on Halloween and even out on the evening trick-or-treating.

Fortunately, he has a great school and very good friends that didn’t give him a hard time. I am not asking for applause or acceptance from other parents. I fully understand many probably have an issue with this, but I am perplexed by other parents criticism.”

Since his son’s creativity story has gone viral, Will said that he has received a number of messages of support from all across the world.

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At the end of the day, Will just wants his son enjoy Halloween. He doesn’t have anything against what his son is doing. He explained, “My goal was for my son to go out for Halloween how he wanted to, and enjoy himself. The creative process had us working together and planning things together, as well as spending quality time. We do this every year, and I won’t let someone else’s insecurity dictate how he should or shouldn’t dress. He’s an amazing boy, a great dancer, and a wonderful son.”

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