Watch This 2-Year-Old Girl Solve a Rubik’s Cube in Just 70 Seconds

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At two years old, many children achieve a number of developmental milestones. This includes learning to walk, beginning to climb on furniture and even standing on their tiptoes. But for two year old Yan Chan-Yani, she single-handedly surpassed her parent’s expectations by solving a Rubik’s Cube in just 70 seconds!

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Yani, who hails from Brazil, is breaking records as the youngest contender to have ever solved the Rubik’s Cube. The pint sized prodigy is beating most adults who can’t even solve the puzzle despite their age.


Many people claim that solving a Rubik’s cube is efficiency. “Speedcuber” Collin Burns holds the third fastest official time to solve the infamous 3D puzzle at 5.25 seconds, but the most astonishing thing was that he was only fifteen at that time. To have children like Burns and Yani perform such acts which require thorough understanding of algorithm and logic is nothing short of amazing.


Yani recently bested her own record a year later by solving the cube in just 47 seconds. The Rubik’s Cube runs in her family, as Yani’s father claims that everyone in the family have been setting their records when it comes to solving the puzzle.

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