Large Crowd Comes Out to Support Transgender Community …Progress!


In a world where people are becoming more and more understanding about a person’s sexual preference, those who belong to the third sex are slowly opening up their hearts and minds, which means a more levelheaded future lies ahead for the for the transgender community.



On the evening of December 2, 2015, a crowd of 600 almost people gathered  at a public library in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. The event was held to mark the inclusion of transgender people in the community, including schools.

A reading of I Am Jazz, a book by HRC Foundation Youth ambassador, Jazz Jennings, who is also a transgender teen, was hosted by the parents.

The original plan was to hold the reading of Jennings’s book in November, but it was cancelled because although the school staff just wanted to help their students understand their transgender schoolmates better, the anti-LGBT group Liberty Counsel threatened them that they would take legal action against the school.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, the organizers weren’t expecting such a big crowd. They thought only 15 people would take the time to listen to them. However, they were stunned when school staff, children, and parents, who wanted to show support and respect for the transgender community, crammed the library.



The family of Jennings thanked everyone for their overwhelming support. They said, “This has not been easy for us, but you have provided us with the light we needed in an otherwise uncertain and difficult time.”

However, the Liberty Counsel quickly retaliated, calling the reading a “propaganda session” and threatened to take legal action against the school, as soon as they heard news about it.

But HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools director, Johanna Eager, and co-author Jessica Herthel were present during the event at Mt. Horeb and were quick to defend the school. They even showed support by giving away copies of I Am Jazz to the attendees.




Although their were attempts to stop the reading, the community still pushed through with it, and it just shows that more and more Americans are slowly embracing LGBT people, accepting them equally as human beings.



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