Little Girl Goes Missing and Is Saved by Her Dog

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One February evening, 3-year-old Victoria thought her Queensland Heeler pup, Blue, was missing. She right away sneaked out of their house in Cordes Lake Arizona to find him. In pursuit of finding him, she got lost in the woods behind her house.

For 15 hours, the rural town was totally shaken and quite terrified while Search and Rescue teams combed the area.

Eventually, a helicopter spotted Victoria lying in a dry creek bed with Blue cuddled up right next to her. It has stayed beside the girl all night while temperatures dropped below zero.

As the medics approached them, Blue barked them off from coming near Victoria. But when she stood up and smiled, the pup realized the men where there to help them and gladly got on the helicopter to safety.

Victoria suffered some frostbite, but thanks to Blue who had kept her alert and warm throughout the cold night, her life was spared.

Watch the video below:

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