See the Things You Can Only Appreciate in an Intercultural Relationship


If you’re American and you’re planning to get married, you know what awaits you. You’re not just getting a husband or a wife, you’re going to be another branch in the family tree.  But what if the relationship is with someone from another country or culture?

Spending a life with someone who has different beliefs and practices different customs and traditions can be rocky or it can be the most amazing experience ever! If you are one who is tied to an intercultural relationship, you can relate to the following:

The different holidays and festivals

You get to wear their ethnic attire too.

The different foods

Who would not love these?



Science agreed that you become more liberal, open-minded, and tolerant when you immerse yourself in a different culture

 You and your partner can be one example of a love that sees no boundaries



Get married twice in two different wedding dresses, in two different cities…

Your kids will always have a fun vacation to the places of your in-laws

Your hilarious confusion in the culture will make fun memories



You can talk to your mother in your mother’s tongue without your partner understanding it at all

Your partner will never know about your comment about dinner last night.

You can prove to the world that love can be blind despite differences

A taste of both culture makes your married life more adventurous



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