These 21 Marriage Proposals take “Popping The Question” to a Whole New Level …Prepare to Smile


If the love of your life proposed, you’d want it done in the most romantic, beautiful, and entirely unique way. The bond of marriage is forever and all its different moments should be cherished. When you get engaged, everyone will ask you about how your partner popped the question. These men are an inspiration to others. They gave their proposals a lot of thought and came up with the most creative ways to do it. Although some had help in pulling off the feat, what they have done still show how these men treasure their partners. So, below is a number of these grand proposals that will either make you want to weep or cry out in joy.

Romance in the Snow

He invited her to an ice skating rink. There was a red carpet laid out for her. Her partner was at the end waiting on his knees. Snow creates a magical environment, and when love is thrown in the mix, it becomes the stuff of fairy tales.

Like the Olden Times

This is a Pride and Prejudice themed proposal. The novel came to life with this thoroughly unique proposal.

Beach Love

The waves crashing against the boulders left this lady awestruck, for sure.

The Balloon Bunch

The balloons make this otherwise tranquil scene quite festive.

Express Your Love

Take her to see her favorite band, then propose to her on stage. This man had a huge audience of 7,000 people as supportive witnesses.



Special Delivery by this Dog

This pooch was trained to deliver this very special ring.


During her soccer match, he got down on one knee and she fell in love with him all over again.

Like a Movie Scene

The flower petals and candles set the mood just right. The screen displayed the all important question and the man had the ring. This is one beautiful moment this lady will never forget.

Graffiti Love

Street art can be used to express your love. This is one public proposal that you hope she would appreciate.

Winter Wonderland

The couple are in a picturesque scene with this winter wonderland proposal.



Colorful love

She is the rainbow in his life and this race proves it. A colorful proposal that left her overwhelmed.

A Cute Request

Dog lovers would melt to see this pup working for his dad. You can’t say no to this little cutie.

Reaching New Heights

After nine hours of hiking, the breathtaking view and the proposal took her to another level of happiness. This is not something you expect after a long excursion.

In the Caves

With a few rays of light as the spotlight, this man found the perfect spot to ask her to marry him.

Ride For Love

This is one heart thumping proposal.



Kinder Surprise

Kinder helped this man come up with a fun surprise.


This guy’s artistic skills are enough to make any lady swoon when they see this magnificent proposal.

With A Dolphin’s Assistance

Maybe the dolphin should be man’s best friend. It played a huge role in winning this lady over.

In the Lake

All alone in the water, a photographer captured this private moment.

A Bed of Roses

He’s got the roses, the violin, and the candles. She got herself crying some tears of joy at his thoughtfulness.



Surprise on the Rock

This is the famous Potato Chip Rock and he proposed on it. It’s one memorable location for this lucky lady.


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