These Amazing Couple Tattoos Will Make You Want to Get Inked Up with Your Loved One

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A tattoo can symbolize the unity of any couple. It can be done for a special occasion like your anniversary or just because you want something that will make your bind stronger.

So, here are some unique tattoo designs, you might want to consider. You just have choose really wisely, as tattoos last forever.


Combining a heart design with an infinity symbol is a sweet way to show that you will be together forever.

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Bride and groom skulls.

Because ideally, love is forever.

His and hers anchor tattoos.

This one shows you are the king and queen of each other’s hearts.

A wrap-around tattoo that only makes sense when you hold hands or are near each other.

Show the world who has the key to your heart.

Another version of a lock and key his and hers design.

Writing a simple I love him/I love her is a pretty way to do a couples tattoo.

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