A Bride Gets Caught Up in Collapsed Crane Chaos


A bride was caught in the middle of a chaos when a crane suddenly collapsed in New York City.

Identified as Nesh Pillay, the lady in wedding dress was then escorted from the scene by FDNY chaplain Rev. Ann Kansfield, who then officiated the wedding right on the spot.

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According to Pillay’s Facebook post, Reverend Kansfield was responding to the incident at the TriBeCa streets when she saw her leaving the salon donning a white strapless wedding gown.


Pillay thought of just taking a cab to reach Tweed Courthouse, where she was supposed to marry longtime boyfriend Aaron Vanderhoff, but she couldn’t find any vacant vehicle because of the accident.

Reverend Kansfield offered her coat to the bride when she noticed her freezing because of the snow storm, then she escorted her along the six-block streets to the courthouse so they could proceed with the ceremony.


However, things got a bit dicey when the officiant expected to lead the ceremony was still nowhere to be seen when the bride arrived, so the pastor, who has a pastoral membership at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offered to lead the wedding outside the facility.


The unique wedding, which Reverend Kansfield officiated with her coat and fire hat, was caught on tape and was posted on YouTube.

“Witnesses, do you promise to support Nesh and Aaron in their marriage? Through crane collapses and snowstorms? Through to sandy beaches and sunny days?” Kansfield said facing the crowd. Then all the supportive witnesses shouted a loud yes in response to the pastor’s question.

Sirens were heard in the background while the couple exchanged their vows, then they were pronounced as husband and wife.

“By the power vested in me, on behalf of the church and the FDNY, I very joyfully now pronounce you married!”

The bride felt really lucky to have the pastor during the unexpected time of their life.


Her husband, Vanderhoff, was so grateful that nothing terrible happened to his wife during the accident, and he will never forget the day he married the love of his life on the stairs with a firefighter’s jacket.


Their wedding day became extra special as it did not happen in a way that they both imagined. It’s probably a very rare sight that a bride wore an FDNY jacket on her big day.

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