He Saved $1,870 Worth of Coins to Buy an Engagement Ring for His Childhood Sweetheart




While some people don’t believe in love and in forever, one Chinese man just proved otherwise. He exchanged a 330-pound bag of Yuan to get an engagement ring for his childhood sweetheart.

Thirty-year-old Liang Liang visited three different jewelers in Fuyang, Anhui, province of China, wanting to trade 12,000 yuan, which is equivalent to $1,870, to fulfill the promise he made to his childhood girlfriend two decades ago.

Although he was shunned twice, he didn’t give up. Instead, he went on until he found a jeweler, who accepted all his money. Because the coins were neatly wrapped in newspaper, four staff members had to sort through all the money for almost half of the day. According to them, the coins had a value that did not exceed 1 yuan or 16 cents per piece.


In a report by Yingzhou Evening News, it was revealed that after Liang bought the ring, he immediately proposed to his girlfriend by saying:

“Do you remember 20 years ago, I said I would earn money and marry you? Now, I’ve earned enough to buy you a ring, please marry me!”

Though she broke down into tears, his girlfriend still gave her resounding “Yes”.

The owner of the jewelry shop was so happy and inspired by Liang’s story that he decided to put all the coins on display in his shop as a proof that true love exists and that forever can happen.


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