Cop Pops the Question to Girlfriend by Spray-Painting Proposal on a Town Wall


As a law enforcement officer, it is expected that they uphold the law.

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So when a police officer spray-painted on a large wall in his town in Gainesville, Florida, residents in the area aren’t too happy about it, never mind the fact that the painted message read, “Ashley, will you marry me?”

The officer drove his girlfriend in a squad car, got down on one knee, and proposed. In response, she then added on the vandal by painting “Yes” in huge letters.

It could be cute—the marriage proposal was even recorded on video—but for the law-abiding citizens in the area, they thought what the officer did was inappropriate and said that he should arrest himself.

A man named Gabriel Lopez commented, “How come if he spray paints he can get away with it?”

Another said, “Congrats. But i bet if a regular guy on the street was doing. The same thing they will be sent to jail for sray painting On the wall [sic].”

Fortunately for the cop (and unfortunately for the critics), the police department said that the spray paint was done on the 34th Street Wall, which is famous for its graffiti and street art.

A member of the community, Alicia Davis, added, “If you lived in Gainesville you would know that is a wall open to anyone wanting to spray paint it. Been there for years with people painting it every day.”

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