Couple Finds Perfect Way to Beat All Odds in a Long-Distance Relationship


It’s probably everyone’s goal to make their relationships last. But we all know that it’s not that easy, that it requires a lot of effort from both sides.

This is especially true for long-distance relationships, where partners have to endure the long days and nights that they are away from their lovers. But Tyson Noël, from British Columbia, Canada, and Mikki Miller, from Minnesota are far from letting the distance between ruin their love for each other.

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While visiting her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, Miller hid a briefcase that was full of sealed letters, with each one particularly made for different occasions. A few days later, she sent a text to Noël, which said, “You know how I wish I could be there for days like today? Like when you come home tired from work and I want to give you a hug? Or when you’re feeling lonely and I can’t actually be there? Go move your tripods and look under your side table.”


Noël dis exactly as Miller said, and he ended up discovering the secret pile of letters that was left by his girlfriend.


The letters were sealed inside envelopes, and each one had specific instructions as to when he could only open them.

As to what the letters contain, only Noel will know.





But one thing is for sure, the love this couple have for each other is something that would make you realize just how far someone can go just to keep the fire burning.

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