This Couple Proves Fairy Tales Can Come True…Their Story is Heartwarming



Do you believe in fairy tales? Well, they really do happen. In fact, a couple working in Disneyland, California, playing Peter Pan and Wendy, proved fairy tales exist. They both fell in love with each other and recently got married.

Although it really didn’t happen in the story based on the book, let’s just accept it that this modern Peter Pan and Wendy really did tied the knot.

Not only do they look good as a pair, they also look very happy to be together. Even if they have already left their face character jobs, there are still photos of them popping up on social media. Those who saw the pictures even say that the two is proof that Disney continues to spread its magic, not only to kids, but also to adults.



It seems that this couple has charmed the whole world by their story. Now, they already have a huge following on social media. Spieling Peter, as nicknamed by people who have seen his stints at the park, is obviously, the best Peter Pan Disneyland has ever had.

To make the long story short, they both lived happily ever after.


Know how their love story started through this video:

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