When His Girlfriend Was Diagnosed with Diabetes, This Man Sacrificed Time to Do This Every Night


For a relationship to survive and blossom, both parties should be willing to give up something to avoid arguments and make each other happy. After all, love is a two-way street that calls for compromise and a lot of sacrifices. But how far can you go for the happiness and welfare of your partner?

Well, this man proves he can defy the odds just to keep his girlfriend safe. Even if he has to sacrifice his time, he wouldn’t mind.

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For months now, Kortney Reid and Kylle Cota have been happily together. But in a sudden turn of events, Kortney was diagnosed with diabetes.

Of course, being diagnosed with a lifetime disease is devastating. Luckily, Kortney has someone who cheers her up at times when she’s down and gives her all the support she needs to live a normal life.

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