When His Girlfriend Was Diagnosed with Diabetes, This Man Sacrificed Time to Do This Every Night


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After knowing Kortney has diabetes, Kylle sees to it that he’s always by her side, especially at the most difficult times of her life. Whenever she’s having a tough time dealing with her illness, he never fails to keep her happy. He even stays up until 4:00 a.m. just to monitor the condition of his girlfriend.

While Kortney is in deep slumber, Kylle slowly takes out the insulin shot and gives it to her so that she can have a sound sleep. Every night, he does this routine patiently. In fact, for a year now, he has been religiously doing this to control his loved one’s sugar level.

Since Kylle is an insomniac, the routine hardly affects him.

“She doesn’t make me check it, I just do it because I worry about her constantly. I guess it is a little weird, but I love her,” he said.

After a video of Kylle was uploaded online, it quickly became viral. People from all over the world were inspired and touched by his immeasurable sacrifice for his girlfriend. Since then, he has been receiving messages of support and prayers.

In the clip, Kylle can be seen carefully sorting out the medicine and preparing the equipment. While Kortney is still fast asleep, he slowly took her hand and administered the insulin shot.

Their love story only proves that a person who is true and sincere about his feelings will always find ways to show it without asking for anything in return. It’s not common to see or hear about these types of stories. So it is just right to wish this couple all the love and happiness in their relationship.

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