He Used M&Ms to Create a Simple yet Perfect Wedding Proposal…Epic Win



Proposing with chocolates makes the memory that much sweeter. Flowers and chocolates are date night staples, but you can also be creative and use them for popping that life-changing question.

Through social media, we are learning of creative ways to propose. Men seem to have countless ideas when it comes to the incredible ways they can make their loved ones feel special. Their proposals are getting a lot of attention on social media sites and there’s usually a “Yes” answer at the end.

Now, it’s time to feature this unique and simple way a man asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. The woman’s favorite chocolate is M&Ms, so he got the red, pink, and white ones personalized with “I love you” and “Will you marry me” inscriptions. Some of the chocolates even have a picture of the couple. The diamond ring was in the bowl surrounded by the chocolates.



As everything was so well-planned, what the guy did proved to be a surefire way to make his girl say yes. And, she was sure to have been one lucky lady to get a diamond ring with her favorite chocolates.

Watch the proposal below:

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