Devoted Husband Plants a Field of Scented Flowers to Save His Blind Wife from Depression


People often flock to Shintomi Town located in Japan’s Miyazaki Perfecture during the months of March and April for the captivating phlox moss garden. Phlox moss are flowers that usually bloom on early spring or summer, and it is known for its purple color and fragrant smell.

Adding to the beauty of the wondrous garden built in the area is the tear-jerking love story behind it, which will warm your heart.

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Back in 1956, Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki married and began their life by purchasing this piece of land in Shintomi. The couple lived a simple life, maintaining an herd of 60 cows and enjoying their time in the province. By the time they reached their retirement age, the couple planned to spend their days exploring the rest of Japan. But that was put into the backseat when Yasuko developed diabetes, which eventually left her blind.

Yasuko, for a certain amount of time, was depressed over her ordeal. But her ever-loving husband wanted to pull his wife out of her misery by planting the perfumed flower on the garden. As it grew, so did the crowds who flocked to the area during cherry blossom season.

It took Toshiyuki two years to build the garden. His efforts were not in vain, as not only did it attract more than 7,000 tourists a year, but it also made Yashuko sociable again.

Toshiyuki has indeed brought the smile back to Yashuko’s face again. Crowds who visit the area have seen the beautiful couple, proudly admiring their love blossoming in real life. Because of the many tourists, Toshiyuki has brought all of Japan before his wife’s eyes.

It has officially been a decade since Toshiyuki began his touching tribute. His story is a perfect example of how true love still exists in this world.

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