This Amazing Proposal Will Move You to Tears

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An airman recently proposed to his girlfriend of several years, and his surprise proposal was so sweet and touching that it moved many onlookers to tears.

Robin, the girlfriend, was about to come home from her deployment in Afghanistan, and her boyfriend, Ben Delluca, pretended he could not be there to welcome her.

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Although Robin was understanding about the situation, she was still a bit sad about it because they had not seen each other for some time. But she was aware of her boyfriend’s duty in the US Air Force, and she understood that duty to country would always come first.


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So when she arrived in her hometown, she wasn’t expecting anyone there to welcome her, much less any grand event. Walking through the airport, she claimed her baggage. As she was riding down the escalator on her way out of the airport, it was then that she noticed somebody in the crowd. Little did she realize that life, as she knew it, would change for her in a much happier way.



surprise proposal


That somebody in the crowd happened to be her boyfriend, Ben, standing in his complete US Air Force uniform. He was nervously standing there and welcoming her home. Despite being initially stunned at his presence, Robin hugged her boyfriend right away, tears of joy spontaneously streaming down her face.

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Ben had asked permission from his superiors at the Air Force to take a leave from his duties, and he had made the long trip home so he could be there to welcome his girlfriend back. But their happy story didn’t end there.

Ben sweetly, although a little nervously, declared to Robin how much she meant to him. The climax came when he got down on one knee and asked her the most important question she would ever be asked in her life:

“Will you marry me?” Ben asked in full confidence and love.

At the back of his mind, he thought of the many things he had seen that would make most people run away from a life of eternal commitment. But he didn’t let that deter him as he was sure of the love that he and Robin had for each other.

Watch the entire video to find out her answer.

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