Elderly Man Builds Bridge with Pink Roof in Honor of Wife Who Died of Breast Cancer


There are so many cynics that do not believe in true love. It’s easier than ever to get a divorce so it’s understandable why people don’t think love will last. But there is one couple who is showing the younger generation that it’s possible to stay committed. Meet Larry and Pat Payne.

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The Paynes have been married for more than 50 years

The couple spent their married life together raising a family, working on their farm, and loving each other. After 50 wonderful years together, they received bad news. Pat had breast cancer. After a long battle with the disease, Pat passed away.

Larry was alone for the first time in decades

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard. It’s especially hard if you had such a long and happy marriage. Every person has a different way of coping, but Larry’s way is inspiring. In honor of his wife, he built a bridge over the small creek in Bushnell Township Cemetery.

The bridge has a pink roof to symbolize Pat’s battle with breast cancer

Larry wanted to honor his wife so he made a bridge out of a 40-foot semi-trailer. When people walk inside, they will find a plaque with Pat’s name and story. This bridge symbolizes Larry’s dedication and love for his deceased wife.

When asked what Pat would think, Larry says, “I know she’s smiling.”

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