Man with Down Syndrome Asks His Girlfriend to Live With Him


It could have been just another happy working day for McDonald’s employee Caterina, but instead something fantastic happened to her that day.

Caterina, who happens to have Down Syndrome, was busily going about with her duties when an a cappella group stepped in the restaurant and surprisingly serenaded her with Norah Jones’ romantic hit “Come Away With me”.

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If she thought that was just that, a romantic song dedicated to her, then she was wrong because from behind the group emerged his boyfriend Salvatore.

Salvatore, who also has the same genetic disorder as her, goes down on one knee with a box containing a key to their new home.  He asks her:

“Would you come live with me, my love?”

For other couples, moving in together signifies a new milestone in their relationship. But for Salvatore and Caterina, moving in together might sound impossible for they might not be able to live independently, considering their condition.

At the end of the proposal, Salvatore wipes tears of happiness from his girlfriend’s cheeks. Yes, Caterina had accepted both the key and the hope that they can spend their lives together.

The video below – which was recorded by CoorDown, Italy’s national association for people with Down’s Syndrome – has garnered more than 400,000 views on YouTube.

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