Man Not Only Gives Fiancée 9,999 Roses for Marriage Proposal …She Had to Wear Them!


A Chinese man proposes to his girlfriend on Valentine’s day. Seems typical, isn’t it?

Think again because this man decided that his girlfriend will wear a gown made out of 9,999 roses sewed and stitched together upon proposing.

The dressmakers were ordered by Xiao Fan to produce a five-foot train for the dress topped with a fur shrug for his now-fiancée, Yin Mi, the 2009 Miss Bikini China winner.



Fan proposed to Mi at the the place where they first met, the Guangzhou Chime-Long Paradise. The romantic display captured many onlookers who were all hoping Mi would say yes to the proposal.

The reason behind the 9, 999 roses is because the number is considered a lucky number in Chinese belief, which is also the reason bodies are mostly buried with that same number of coins.

Despite the unique idea, this wasn’t the only floral-studded dress made this Valentine’s Day. Asda, a retail company, released a dress made of 2,000 roses—but that’s obviously one too many.

You can see the joy of the couple as they share this unforgettable event.

For more inspiring love stories, watch this video of the Valentine’s day memories of celebrities:

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