This Man Has Been Writing His Wife Love Letter Every Day for 38 Years


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while many couples will be rushing to do a romantic gesture to make their better half swoon, this man is kicking it up a notch.

Meet Bill Bresnan, he doesn’t just make his wife feel special on Valentine’s, he makes sure she does feel it every day.

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Bill and his wife, Kristen, met while he was teaching a class to license students in the security industry. They have been together for 38 years. He recalled scribbling sweet notes on napkins and pieces of paper while commuting together. The notes continued on after the couple married, and Bill has never missed a single day.



“My biggest fear now, given my age, is forgetting—but luckily, I’m still pretty sharp,” Bill told ABC News. If one was to do the math on the total number of letters he’s given his wife over the years, it could be well over the ten thousand marks. To seal if off, Bill has signed the words, “I love you, my darling” with an infinity sign.

Bill has also gone to say that he and Karen keep their relationship healthy by avoiding fights.

“We’ve never had a fight once in almost 40 years of marriage,” he said. “We might disagree on something, but we talk about it rather than argue.”




This is such a refreshing love story especially in a time that gadgets have taken over our lives. A lot of people nowadays have overlooked how special these simple gestures can be.

“I see youngsters at restaurants sitting across from each other buried in their screens but never talking or looking at each other,” Bill added. “I want them to enjoy the time they have with each other and treasure it.”

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