This Man Has Been Sneaking a Marriage Proposal into Every Picture of Him and Girlfriend for 5 Months!


Popping the question is a pretty tough task. Guys work hard on it to make sure it will be something their fiancée would say yes to and would remember for always. Some take their girlfriends on a vacation, and there are those who would even organize a flash mob. But for this Grimbarian man, he made a proposal that is so special it lasted for almost half a year.

Ray Smith, 38, who hailed from Grimsby, England, made a cool way of proposing to his girlfriend, Claire Bramley. He spent over five months sneaking the question “Will you marry me?” into every picture of him and his love.

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Claire had no idea about the photos Ray took. Whenever she caught him taking photos, he would make up an excuse, saying he was just documenting every development of her pregnancy, so she just ignored it and let him do his thing.

He knew his Claire, who was an expectant mother, would ask to see the photos so he had to take more than one every time.

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He even  did a quick shot of her with an LED background with the question flashed on the screen without her knowledge.


Last year, Ray finally decided to do a proper marriage proposal on Christmas day. He collected all the photos he took on a video and played it on a laptop. He then got down on his knee and finally uttered the words he long wanted to say.


Seems like Ray is a pro in making romantic surprises as he did not fail to surprise his girlfriend. Well, Claire did not have second thoughts and gave him a sound yes. With a baby on the way, the couple couldn’t be any happier.


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