Man Turns Wife’s Corpse into a Statue and Sleeps with It Every Night

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Many stories have tried to prove that love does not know any boundary, but you might forget all of them after you hear this one.

A man from Vietnam loves his wife so much that he always sleeps with her—even after her death twelve years ago.

Le Van, 65, from Ha Lam Town, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam, Vietnam, lost his wife in 2003. At first, for over 20 months, he would just brave the rainy nights to visit her grave. But he got so tired of the routine, so he decided to dig a tunnel connecting to his wife’s burial place so he could still hug her every night without having to deal with the cold temperature.

Realizing later that sleeping with his wife while she’s still lying on the ground meant that he had to sleep beside other corpses too, Le Van decided to bring her late spouse home.

He went to the cemetery alone to dig up his wife’s corpse. Later on, he bought sand, glue, cement, and plaster and turned her corpse into a statue-like figure.

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His seven children were surprised to see their mother’s statue. They thought their father had someone make it for him because he missed his wife so much. When Le Van told them what he did, they started panicking.

He even let them see their mother’s empty coffin. They tried to convince their father to bury her again, especially that their relatives knew about it and started criticizing the whole family as it was something against customs. However, he insisted that his wife was alive.

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