Marine Donates Liver to Woman He Never Met …Now They’re Getting Married


Former marine donates a part of his liver to save the life of a nurse he haven’t even met.

Heather Krueger was  having a personal crisis after her diagnosis, which revealed she has a stage four liver disease in March 2014. Her best bet was to find a donor as soon as possible. As a nurse assistant, Heather knew that it’s difficult to get a suitable donor and that there’s going to be a long line of patients who will be waiting for a liver donor.

Chris Dempsey, a former marine, overheard a conversation of his coworker talking about Heather’s desperate need for a liver transplant. The coworker was actually a cousin of Heather.

He didn’t have any second thoughts and immediately underwent testing. The tests revealed that Chris was a perfect match for Heather.

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Heather received a phone call from Chris after he asked for her number from the hospital and delivered the great news. Of course, Heather was surprised that a random person would all go through that tests and hassle to donate a liver to a person whom he never met.

Chris and Heather underwent a straining eight-hour long surgery at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago. Around 55 percent of Chris’s liver was removed and transferred to Heather’s body. The surgery was a success and the two of them recovered well with the help of anti-rejection medication.

Even before the surgery, the two already bonded, and during their recovery time, they became even more close and fell in love with each other.

When the couple finally recuperated, Chris took Heather for lunch, then a bit of Christmas shopping, and a dreamy horse carriage ride around the city. By the end of the trip, Chris bent down a knee and proposed to Heather in front of the Drake Hotel at Chicago.

They plan to have their wedding day by October 2016 and want to include invitations for the doctors as well as the medical staff who performed the surgery and helped them with the recovery.

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