Marriage Proposals From High in the Sky …How Can They Say No?


Everybody might not be fascinated by the idea of proposing high up in the sky. But for these guys, it is probably the most romantic spot. For you to feel that love is really in the air, check out these in-flight marriage proposals we have compiled for you.

A Well-Planned Inverted Flight Proposal

This guy has winged the most epic marriage proposal ever, taking his girlfriend, Olivia, to fly aerobatics in a two-seat training aerobatic aircraft. While the aircraft was upside down, he proposed to her. Though the audio isn’t really clear, the look on her face tells us everything we need to know.



A Proposal That Can Only Be Seen from Above



Matthew brought Christina on a regular flight along the beaches of north shore Long Island. She had no idea that 70 people were preparing a huge surprise for her from below.

Jimmy’s Epic Proposal



Palm believed they were just going to fly to capture a footage for a charity video. But it turned out something life-changing was prepared for her.



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