Paraplegic Groom Surprises Her Bride in Wedding Dance


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It is amazing how love can make you look past a person’s flaws. You stand by them through thick and thin, and compromise with your differences. You accept them for who they are and whoever they might become in the future.

This kind of love dwells between Sgt. Joey Johnson and his present wife, Michelle.

Four months into their relationship, Sgt. Johnson suffered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), prior to his discharged from a 10-month deployment in Afghanistan. In turn, he relieves his stress by riding his motorcycle.

Sadly, it led to an unfortunate incident.

Johnson sustained injuries from the motorcycle accident that left him disabled from the chest down. Due to his current condition, he has been bound on a wheelchair ever since.

Michelle never left his side, despite of the situation, and later on, they decided to get married. On their wedding day, Johnson wanted to dance with her bride without the assistance of a wheelchair. So he plotted a plan to accomplish the task.

With the help of a special harness, he was lifted out of his chair, and they shared their first dance as husband and wife.

The moment became dramatic for the two. It even brought the entire crowd in the reception to tears.

Joey and Michelle were truly soulmates. It is rare to find such unconditional love between two people. So when you find that one person who love you for who you are, pull them close and never let go.

Watch the couple’s moment here

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