Parents Fulfill Terminally Ill Son’s Final Wish


After promising not to get married without him at the moment, his parents finally changed their minds and decided to get married at his bedside in the hospital.

Corey Edwards, a five-year-old boy suffering from a congenital heart defect, was being treated at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children in the United Kingdom. It was only when he was seven months old when he was diagnosed with such a complex illness.



When told that Corey could die any time soon, his parents, Jemma and Craig Edwards, decided to marry by his bedside. They immediately arranged a wedding and asked a special permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury. They also rushed into town just to buy wedding clothes and made use of their engagement rings.

Craig revealed, “He’s asked quite a few times why we are not married, so we thought we would make it a special day and cheer him up a bit”.

On the big day, they were assisted by the hospital staff. There was even one nurse, who was assigned to do the bride’s hair. Another one was asked to make the wedding cake. Corey, on the other hand, was tasked to hold the rings.

“Instead of being at his bedside crying the whole time at least on that one day, we had a real special day. We know he was happy that day,” Craig added.



According to Reverend Stephen Oram, the hospital chaplain, “It was fulfilling the wish of a dying child. It was also emotional because we knew the outcome for poor Corey isn’t going to be a good outcome and everyone was just aware of the specialness of the day for Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and Corey”.



Five days after his parents got married, the boy died.



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