America’s Sole Restaurant Owner with Down Syndrome Closes Store to Live Closer to Girlfriend


Love makes people sacrifice everything just so they can be with the one they love, a truth that is reflected in the love story of couple Tim Harris and Tiffani Johnson, who both have Down syndrome.

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Tim Harris is the owner of a restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, named Tim’s Place. But unlike other rich dudes, there’s something that makes Harris special. This man has Down syndrome, but despite that, he was able to keep the restaurant going for five years.

However, he recently announced that it’s now time to say good-bye because he has found someone more important than his business.

Harris decided to close his shop so he could be with girlfriend, Tiffani Johnson, who also has Down syndrome, and relocate to Denver, Colorado. The couple met each other at a convention for Down syndrome patients, where Harris was a speaker.

During an interview with CBS, Johnson recalls being too scared to talk to Harris. She says that seeing him for the first time made her realize something: “I think I got hit by the love bug.”

Harris also shares the same sentiment as Johnson, saying that he sees a future with her. He adds that he sees joy and love every time he looks at her eyes.

But it won’t be an easy transition because Harris loves his restaurant. He has a lot of memories in there, moments he shared with the people who helped him make his ultimate dream of building his own business come true.


One of the best features about Tim’s Place is the free hugs that Harris himself gives to the diners. To this day, Harris has already given out an outstanding number of 60,000 hugs.

The restaurant’s “special offer” made it to global news, and it gave him the chance to share a tight embrace with famous personalities like none other than Pres. Barack Obama and music legend Stevie Wonder. Aside from that, he has also received well wishes from over 38 countries.

Harris’s father, Keith, shared to CBS that Harris is “deeply grieving about the idea of this transition, while at the same time being as excited as I’ve ever seen him about the possibility of being with Tiffani.”

He also mentioned that his son does not plan to completely give up on the business he made a name in, saying that Harris wants to open the same restaurant in Denver.

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