See What This 8-Year-Old Found On the Lake From his Grand-Father …From 45 Years Ago!


Love transcends anything, says the infinite number of quotes, stories, and poets. Time has tested this lifelong assertion over and over, which spawned countless philosophies and theories, and it has proven something yet again. This is an amazing story of a message in a bottle discovered after 45 years.

A boy named Nolan Rogers was on a vacation with his family, playing along the beach lake when he stumbled across a message in a bottle.


The letter was enclosed inside a screw-top Dr. Pepper bottle that Nolan found. He initially thought it carried message from the pirates.


He gave it to his parents for them to read the contents of the letter.


Nolan’s mother, Garrick, and her husband managed to read only a few words from the yellowish letter that states, “I wish I could see you . . . I love you so much . . . I love you, Diane.” The addressee of the faded letter seems to be impossible to determine since only the initial M was readable. However, the signature below the letter was immediately recognized by Garrick. She said it belonged to her friend Diane Bryant.


Diane responded and confirmed that she knew the letter’s origin upon seeing the picture sent to her by Garrick.


Back in 1970, when Bryant was only 13 years old, she had a boyfriend named Mike Rogers. Surprisingly, Mike is the name of Nolan’s grandfather.



They were apparently in a relationship in their teenage years.


On unforgettable summer, Bryant was on a trip that Rogers wasn’t permitted to come. She then proceeded to write a letter and encased it in a bottle then threw it in a nearby lake, hoping that Rogers would eventually find it.


It took 45 long summers for Rogers to grab a hold of the amorous letter.


“With my whole heart, I just knew one day he would find it,” Diane said. “I’ve thought about it through the years, thinking, ‘I wonder if anyone ever found that bottle?'” she added.

Here is a video of the heart-melting incident: