See What This Husband Did to Express His Selfless Love …Devoted!


Selfless love is the ultimate expression of love. When we learn to love someone, we accept them despite their flaws, and we know that sometimes that means we need to bear their burdens.

For this couple, a true test of their love came during their marriage. Every time the wife felt like she was difficult to live with, her husband continued to be there to lift up her spirits.

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This Imgur user who goes by the name “mollywho” detailed her recent struggles as well as the love her husband has shared with her. She admits to having depression, noting how she’s watched her relationships with her friends and family break apart one by one. She also says that she oftentimes lashes out on her husband over the failures she has encountered.

It can be difficult at times to be with a person who has a mental illness. While depression cannot be cured by love alone, this woman’s husband has shown her love through patience and by simply doing sweet gestures.

But it was when he picked up a Sharpie and wrote on their bedroom mirror that she realized how much he really did love her and was not afraid to show it. What he did was that he inked every reason she should love herself.

The wife’s tearful reaction shows that she is touched by his gesture. Though she knows that there is a long recovery ahead, at least she has her husband rooting for her.

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