‘Star Wars’ Fan Stages Epic Marriage Proposal by Recreating Scenes from the Film


Fandom proposals are almost always cute, and a man from Brighton decided to propose to his girlfriend by referencing from some of their favorite films.

To pull off the ultimate proposal, with the help of his friends and soon-to-be father-in-law, Ian Coulson went on to act out scenes from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, among others.

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The proposal was recorded (of course), and the heartwarming video showed the groom-to-be having a light saber battle with Lizzy’s, his girlfriend, father as Darth Vader. The video, which centers around Ian’s quest to prove his love for his girl also showed him slapping Gollum and outrun a Black Rider in a few Lord of the Rings references. The initial footage was shot back in November, but it wasn’t screened for Lizzy until January 6, in the middle of a field in Downs—the same place he asked her out three years ago.

Why Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, though? Ian revealed that the sci-fi saga has always been a big part of their relationship, saying that they watched all six movies (this was before Episode VII aired) on their first date.

Gollum and his penchant for rings also makes a fair addition to the video sequence.

As the video ended, Ian approaches Lizzy, kneels, and pops the big question, which she said yes to without hesitation.

The force is definitely strong in this relationship.

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