Trans Woman Thought She Found the ‘Man’ of Her Life – Until She Knew That He Too Wanted to Be a Woman


This modern-day love story has an unbelievable twist. Chelsea Jade, who was formerly Jonathan, met a man who was willing to accept her past. And by that time, she thought it was  going to be happily ever after. But a few months into their relationship, her boyfriend Craig Jones admitted that he also wanted to become a woman.

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When Chelsea met Craig, a car salesman, she thought she was being given a chance to live a normal life. Craig accepted her even though she was a transgender. Five months into their relationship, Chelsea found some photos that Craig uploaded onto a dating site. The pictures showed Craig wearing heels and short skirts.

At first, Craig dismissed his cross-dressing as a fetish. Then a few weeks later,  he admitted that he really wanted to live as Carla. It was a surprise to Chelsea because Craig was very masculine.

Chelsea says, “I didn’t want to see my partner in girl’s clothes. It made me uncomfortable. I’m not sexually attracted to Craig when he’s Carla.”

But since she went through the same experience, Chelsea was able to empathize. She did not want to ruin their new relationship.

So Chelsea stayed with Craig to help him with his transition. She adds that they are sexually intimate, but their sexual attraction is not the same thing in a relationship.

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