Trans Woman Thought She Found the ‘Man’ of Her Life – Until She Knew That He Too Wanted to Be a Woman


Chelsea Jade was born as Jonathon Conroy. She had a difficult childhood in Ireland. As a child, she always felt different from other boys. She would prefer to play with dolls than more boyish bikes and trucks. As a teenager, Chelsea came out as gay, and she was relentlessly bullied and teased.

When Chelsea left school, she was involved at the local gay scene, but she still felt that she did not quite fit in. As a young adult she was unhappy and, at times, suicidal. After seeing a YouTube video documenting a transgender woman’s transition, she realized it was what she wanted.

Chelsea got her parents’ blessing and then she began treatment. She kept herself out of the public view for six months as she took testosterone blockers and wore estrogen patches. The long, slow process was grueling, but she was happy with the results.

She lost some friends and clients in her job as a fitness instructor. It was too much for some of her friends to process.

A major turning point was when she went to a party with her mother. Chelsea was so nervous her fake tan was melting off her face. The party guests began to stare at her. When her mother noticed her discomfort, she threatened to punch anyone who continued to stare at Chelsea.

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