Transgender Man and Woman Find Love in Each Other and Share Plans to Marry and Have Kids


A transgender couple is defying the standards society has set on love by planning to marry and even having children one day.

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Jasmine Merino and Ryan Said may have met in an old-fashioned way, but their love story is novel-worthy. They send a positive message to anyone struggling with their identity by saying it is okay to love whoever you want because nobody take that way from you.

The young transgender couple has an inspiring story to tell. Twenty-four-year-old Ryan was born a female and only began transitioning since four years ago. The same thing goes for Jasmine, 18, who began her life as a woman two years ago.

Despite the fact that the pair have not yet done full gender reassignment surgery, they say they have a good sex life together. The couple also shares their dream to start a family one day. “Our relationship is perfect because we both know what it’s like to be male and female so we totally understand each other and what we want,” Jasmine told the Daily Mail.

The two met through social media. They sent messages to each other before finally deciding to meet up. “I think it was love at first sight because I couldn’t stop staring at her the whole time,” Ryan told Barcroft Media about their first date.

But for Ryan, his life hadn’t been that happy before meeting Jasmine. Things were especially hard for him when he first came out.

“Growing up was really hard. I didn’t know who I was, and I just knew something wasn’t right. My parents forced me to be girly and I was always into boys clothes. When I came out, my family didn’t accept it at all. They all gave me a hard time and said I was a disgrace.”

The same thing can be said for Jasmine, who hails from California. The first person who accepted her was her brother’s wife. “She took me shopping for back to school clothes and told me to dress in women’s clothing and just helped me. I went to school as a female and liked it.”

The two felt instant chemistry when they met. It seemed it was less on being physically attracted to each other but more on the stories they shared growing up and struggling with their identity. Now the couple are still going strong.

Their hormone therapy is still ongoing. Both Jasmine and Ryan are waiting to fully transition to the bodies they feel like they belong too. Ryan is on testosterone therapy, injecting it to his system every two weeks. Jasmine, on the other hand, is slowly growing her breasts.

Jasmine also seems to have garnered a few followers on her own. She says that a lot of people have come to message her online, but her heart remains with Ryan.

Jasmine and Ryan are considering to have children in the future. But they would have to resort to getting pregnant using Ryan’s eggs and Jasmine’s sperms. The two want to inspire others that they are free to love whoever they want, that other people should not be afraid of who they are and what they feel.

Ryan leaves these words of wisdom: “‘I want to let whoever’s going through what we’re going through know that they should hold on, not give up, and talk to someone there’s at least one person out there who will understand where you’re coming from.”

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