Woman Gets the Surprise of Her Life upon Arrival at LAX Airport—You Have to See This!



When you think of Los Angeles International Airport, expect a huge crowd, long lines, and endless shopping options. Romance? Probably not. But, if you hang around by the arrivals area long enough, then plenty of heartwarming moments will unfold.

In the video below, we meet Malia. She is returning to LAX after a visiting her family in Michigan. By the time her flight landed, she thought a friend would be there and pick her up. Instead, she got a surprise she never thought would happen to her.

Austin, Malia’s boyfriend, is one romantic guy. He decided to have an ultimate surprise, asking his friends, who know how to play the guitar, to surprise his lady with a wonderful song. As she follows the music, she’s finally led to Austin, who finishes off the song, which he wrote for her.

When she sees her man, he was holding the most precious gift – a ring.

Malia and Austin spent most of their relationship living apart. And the airport was indeed the perfect spot for the couple to make it official.



Watch this sweet video of the proposal that will make you smile:


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